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    One-of-a-Kind Tiki Huts in South Florida

    Turn your home’s outdoor area into a backyard oasis with a custom-designed tiki hut. Miami Tiki Huts specializes in designing and building tiki huts in South Florida. Using premium-quality materials and employing experienced workers, we can create an authentic tiki hut for your home’s backyard.

    Custom Design and Construction

    If you’re interested in having a tiki hut built, reach out to us today. When you contact us, we’ll discuss what you have in mind and incorporate these ideas into the overall design. Once the design has been drawn up, our crew will begin constructing the tiki hut using the best materials on the market.

    Repair and Restoration

    In addition to custom design and construction, we also provide tiki hut repair and restoration. When a repair or restoration is needed for your tiki hut, we’ll gladly come out to your home and provide the necessary work. Our professional crew of workers can repair your structure to make it look new again or rethatch the roof with fresh sable palms to ensure it’ll be ready for the next backyard barbeque. Whatever the need, we have you covered with our superior workmanship.

    Let us design and build a beautiful, one-of-a-kind tiki hut in your backyard. We serve customers from throughout South Florida.